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Blank forms

This page contains downloadable forms for parents to use. You will need to submit a new Medical form A & B at the beginning of each school year for each scout. Once you fill it out the first time save it, then you will just need to update it and sign with a new date each year.

Icon File Name Comment  
BSA Medical A&B form.pdf Fill out and turn in to Pack during September  
FAMILY TALENT SURVEY SHEET (34362).pdf Family Talent Survey Sheet - Please help the Pack GO!. Each parent should fill out this form and return it to the Committee Chair.  
Here are 3 things that Cub Scout families want from their son.docx  

Tour Plan/Permission Slips (Den Leaders)

This form is required by our Chartering Organization for any activity done off-site from the school.  It is to be filled out by the Den/Event Leader and submitted to the Pack Committee for approval before the event.(normally at the monthly  pack committee meeting)  It is no longer required to be submitted to the council.

Completion of the form shows our parents and our Chartering Organization that the event leaders have conducted appropriate planning, are following a checklist for best practices for a safe and fun adventure and are not engaging in any activities that would jeopardize their insurance coverage.

Den Leader will turn in the approved tour plan and signed permission slips to the Pack Committee Chair after the event for filing.
Icon File Name Comment  
Activity Consent Form.pdf Required for all participants  
Pack 255 Tour Plan (34416) (2010).pdf REQUIRED by our Chartering Organization  

Leader Resources

Icon File Name Comment  
Age Appropriate Guidlines-2015 (34416).pdf Age Appropriate Guidelines Chart  
BL 16-17 CS Leader Program Notebook (331-014).pdf 16-17' Den Leaders Planning Notebook  
New Den Leader Secrets to Success (13-231).pdf  
So your a New Den Leader v2(510-239).pdf  
So your a new Pack Committee Member (510-240).pdf  
So your a New Tiger Den Leader v2.pdf  
So your a New Webelos Den Leader v2(510-247).pdf  
Whittling Chip Certification (512-028_WB).pdf To be filled out when Bear scout earns his Whittling Chip.  
Your Role as a Cub Scout Leader (331-118).pdf  

All Things Popcorn

Icon File Name Comment  
2017 P255 Popcorn Goal Parent Handout.pdf  
2017 Pikes Peak Council Prize Program.pdf  
2017 Popcorn sales_form.pdf Door to Door Order form  
Card - thank you - missed you - front.docx  
Online Sales Quick Guide.pdf  
Online Selling Information Handout.pdf  
Set Your Sales Goal.pdf  
Show and Sell - Tips.pdf  
Sorry I missed you door card back.docx  
Thank You Card.docx  
Top Seller Tips.pdf  
Trails End Scholarship Program.pdf